“Kaleena Miller, through her tapping, builds a perfect world, each beat falling when it should, when it needs to. I couldn’t tell whether to cry or laugh at the rightness of each of her successive steps.”

- Lightsey Darst, 2005


“I find myself resting on Kaleena’s deep seated stance of irony...she knows they are virtuosic to the point of magic and she knows virtuosity died with the World’s Fair. She tells us this with her eyebrows, with the tiny shakes of her head, with the way she pulls from holding steady into something completely else - something so damn virtuosic you want to pee. We see a duet of crazy-ass-good tap dancing with charisma pouring out every pore, but she also makes them lovable. She makes me believe they could fly right off the stage; she makes me love their particular virtuosity.”

- Emily Johnson, Walker Arts Center blog- 2007


“Demure yet dynamic, Miller is a real show-woman.”

- Camille Lefevre, Star Tribune- 2007


“Her musicality and stylistic verve have quickly made her a local favorite, a sort of tapper’s of the area’s savviest and sassiest tappers.”

- Linda Shapiro, City Pages- 2008


“…she’s a long, lean performer with a cool demeanor that belies her serious chops.”

- Camille Lefevre, MinnPost- 2009


“…she turns her usual rangy Olive Oyl charm to hunch-shouldered, hunkered-down hurt as she winds along through a rhythmic labyrinth.”

- Lightsey Darst, 2011


“Percussive dance phenomenon Kaleena Miller…”

- City Pages- 2011


"… incredibly heartfelt and moving without being sappy. There's an interesting sonic and visual palate -- both from the footwork and the soundscape."

– Philip Bither, Walker Arts Center on Kaleena Miller’s Fleet2011


"...Miller always maintained her cool, engaging crowds with sly wit, flowing limbs and mesmerizing footwork.  Relaxed, with easy, impeccable technique..."

- Dance Magazine- 2016