photo: V. Paul Virtucio

photo: V. Paul Virtucio

premiered at the Cowles Center, commissioned by the McKnight Foundation

choreographed by: Derick Grant

performed by: Kaleena Miller

live music by: Aby Wolf

HERE NOW (2016)

photo by Sean Smuda

photo by Sean Smuda

premiered at the Southern Theater 

music by: Hands Sand Hands

danced by: Noah Brewington, Bruce DeMorrow, Galen Higgins, Madelyn Lee, Mara Magistad, Kaleena Miller and Megan Wind.

Door Won't Close (2015)

photo by Dan Norman

photo by Dan Norman

premiered at: Southern Theater as part of Gadu | Miller | Jones | Vasudevan

music by: Kendrick Lamar, James Brown and Fred Astaire

danced by: Galen Higgins and Kaleena Miller

yes yes no no (2013)

photo by Sean Smuda

photo by Sean Smuda

premiered at: Walker Art Center's Choregraphers' Evening 2013

music by: Hand Sand Hands (listen here)

danced by: Jessica Fiala, Liz Wawrzonek, Luke Olson-Elm, Kevin Iverson

remove one  (2013)

photo by  Ginger Murray

photo by Ginger Murray

premiered at:  Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden

commissioned by: Walker Art Center as part of Momentum @ 10

music by: Eric Carlson, Michael Gunvalson, Patrick Mazurek, Emily Mohrbacher, Jimmy Osterholt, Eben Stine.

danced by: Jessica Fiala, Leah Fox, Kaleena Miller, Lia Spirka, Megan Wind.

Fleet (2011)

photo by Cameron Wittig

photo by Cameron Wittig

premiered at: the Southern Theater

since performed at: Walker Art Center's Free First Saturdays

commissioned by: Walker Art Center as part of the Momentum series

live music by: Patrick Nelson

danced by: Emily Broeker, Aleutian Calabay, Bruce DeMorrow, Alex Eady, Jessica Fiala, Mia Gray-Decker, Galen Higgins, Rachel Freeburg, Ricci Milan, Kaleena Miller, Brittany Radke, Ned Sturgis, Ashley Valesano.